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About Singapore Snaps

Singapore Snaps (SG Snaps) is a relational art project seeking to create 3 animations with collected photographs contributed by members of the public, such as yourself.

It was inspired by the fragility of memories and the innate human need for preservation. Photographs, in their printed form, are susceptible to the elements of the environment. As time passes, ink and paper lose their integrity and disintegrates, slowly but surely. As this happens, the memory intended to be captured by the photographer, becomes vulnerable, and without proper care and steps to preserve these photographs, this form of memory will be lost.

Join us on our journey to preserve memories through the process of digitising, and to collect stories from the photo Contributors, in turn allowing our project to uncover the thread that weaves the unseen fabric of themes that hold us together, as an individual and as a unit of society, through time.


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Our Journey

Follow our journey as we visit schools, engage students, and collect photos.

Photo credits to the Singapore Memory Project, contributed by Karen Lim.

Photo credits to the Singapore Memory Project, contributed by Karen Lim.


: Photo-collection has ended in 2014.

The neighbourhoods chosen for this project were amongst the oldest neighbourhoods in Singapore, with families living there for generations.

The popularity of the 35mm film camera coincides with the urban planning in Singapore, and the photos taken during this period documented the spirit of the times in Singapore from the early 60s to 90s, rapid change in landscape and culture transformation before digital cameras caused the decline of the printed photograph and film camera.

14 May – 1 June
Toa Payoh Public Library, Level 2
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

9 July – 27 July
Geylang East Public Library, Level 2.
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

11 June – 29 June
Bukit Merah Public Library, Level 1.
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

21 May – 1 June, 11 – 29 June, 9 – 27 July
Central National Library
Wednesdays – Sundays | 12pm – 7pm

The Team

The Team
The Dream Makers

Comprising of 4 individuals crazy, ambitious and passionate enough, to think, “ah, it sounds impossible… but it would be so awesome if we can do it!”, then endeavours to transform dreams into reality. They oversee the project  execution, volunteer outreach and management, partner engagement and artwork creation respectively. Check out who they are.

The Project Ambassadors

More than 250 students, youths and “young-at-hearts”, these ambassadors visit the homes of residents in neighbourhoods, sharing with them the aspirations of the project. They oversee the proper collection and return of the precious contributed photographs, conduct interviews and contribute the stories that they have encountered in their journeys.

Fairy Godmothers
The Fairy GodMothers

This project was made possible only with the blessing of these individuals, without whom, we would not have had the support needed to make our dreams come true.





Singapore Memory Project

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